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Skin-to-Skin Time

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Having skin-on-skin contact as soon as possible after you’ve given birth is a really good idea. Having this close contact as early as possible keeps your baby calm, regulates their breathing and heartbeat and makes the first time you breastfeed easier.

After you’ve held your baby for a while – it’s very difficult to state an exact time as it varies widely from baby to baby – they will begin to show signs that they are ready for a feed.

It’s recommended that your baby shares your room for the first six months*. This helps you to learn all about your baby and improve your confidence, which all helps to make breastfeeding that bit easier.

Some mothers find feeding their baby in bed with them helps them to get more rest, however, there are some potential risks that you need to be aware of.

* Recommended by Foundation for Sudden Infant Deaths FSID.

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