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I breastfed my daughter until she was 12 months old thanks to the help and support I got from Sharon and the others at Beech Hill Children's Centre drop in group. I also found out about donating my breast milk to the Mothers Milk Bank in Wirral while at the drop in group. I am 16 weeks pregnant and will definitely breastfeed my new baby. Faith was tongue tied until 8 weeks when Val at Oldham Royal fixed it. It was a hard decision at the time but immediately afterwards I was pleased when she fed so contently. I am also very grateful to a volunteer at RAEI who finally got my daughter to latch on after hours of my failed attempts. The midwife had said nobody could say I didn't try my best to breastfeed but as me and my brother were breastfed I didn't really think amount the alternative. I think this site is a brilliant idea. It would be great if there could be a forum so mothers could share their worries and advice and make friends. 

(Lisa Sherrington-Holden January 2012)


After a tough time and short lived attempt at feeding my first baby boy I was determined to try and breast feed Archie, my second baby, for as long as possible. I tried to read up as much as possible but found the first day really difficult trying to latch him on...I felt like we were heading down the same difficult path I had with Oliver. After hand expressing and feeding from a little cup things started to improve and with the help of the midwife I soon felt comfortable feeding. I have had quite a few questions and queries in this first few weeks and found Lesley, my Health Visitor has been a great support in answering these and putting me at ease. I’m delighted with 4 weeks old he is already nearly 10lb and clearly thriving! Breast feeding this time around is a totally difference experience. I feel confident, supported and comfortable and that all clearly makes Archie a happy, content baby :)

(November 2011)


I really struggled with breastfeeding in the beginning, if it wasn't for the support of one of my friends who is still feeding her 1yr old, and my local support group I would have given up. It took a lot of determination but 3 months on Harry is still fully breastfed and I have every intention to stick with it as long as he needs it. I'm giving him the best start in life and that makes me feel great.

(October 2011)


Hiya I'm Barbara I'm 29 and have three young children. I've been breastfeeding Sienna for nearly 14 months now, I found the support available really helped me to overcome the hurdles I faced when trying to breastfeed in the beginning. I would love the opportunity to help other mum's by supporting them with their breastfeeding.


When my son was first born I decided to give breastfeeding a go, thinking 'how hard can it be?' what a shock I got! By the time my son was 4 weeks old I was overcome with emotion and felt like a total failure as a Mother as feeding was proving to be extremely difficult and frustrating for both of us. I decided to go along to my local breastfeeding group (Leigh Central Children’s Centre) with the mind that if I didn't get anything out of it I would be buying a carton of formula on the way home!! Whilst there I met a wonderful group of mums and incredibly supportive workers (Sarah and Ruth) got the help I needed and never looked back! My son is now 7 months old and feeding is going well thanks to these women. The highlight of my breastfeeding 'career' has been taking part in ‘The Big Feed’, when I never thought I would have the confidence to feed my son outside of the house! The moral of the story is don't be afraid to ask for help, if you are struggling it doesn't mean you are a failure. We all need a little guidance from time to time, and getting a little support will make breastfeeding the pleasurable, rewarding experience it should be for both you and your baby.

(July 2011)


I wanted to breastfeed my little girl and when she came into the world and I asked for as much help as possible from the midwives at the hospital to make sure a good latch was established. The help was there but I did have to ask a lot! When I came home from hospital I started to get engorged as my milk came through causing pain and the latch to be poor which then gave me sore cracked nipples, to cut a long story short I was in so much pain feeding! :-( but I asked for as much help as possible from my friend and breastfeeding support workers and I managed to express my milk from my sore side until I was fully healed. It was a battle at the start! But I am now still exclusively breastfeeding my little girl who is nearly 3 months old :-)

(July 2011)


I am 18 years old and I strongly agree that breast feeding was the best option for my child. I had a lot of support by family, midwives, friends and my Health Visitor so you’re not in it on your own, you do get a lot of help. There are also a lot of groups you can go to and meet other mums in your position. My experience was amazing I bonded really well with my daughter. I thought breastfeeding was the best cause it helps build your babies immune system up and reduces the risk of epilepsy, allergies, obesity in childhood and I just wanted the best for my baby. It also reduces risk of breast cancer for us parents. It also helps you to loose your baby weight. Also dads are in this too cause just because they're not feeding their baby there is a lot of other things dads can help with such as cleaning, folding baby’s clothes, playing with baby, helping to bath baby and many more. It is also easier than running up and down stairs when your baby wakes up the milk is just there for them to drink and also no sterilising bottles and making them. What ever makes my baby happy makes me happy. It was the best thing I really enjoyed it.

(July 2011).


I couldn’t have started or continued to successfully breastfeed Joseph without the brilliant start from the team at Wigan hospital who tirelessly supported me when I couldn't 'get it' and then Sharon & Cheryl and the Mums at Atherton breastfeeding group who advised me on technique and were generally great cheerleaders in encouraging me to keep it up. At 6 weeks it suddenly became "natural" - I'm glad I continued, it's been so rewarding - thanks for the help being available.

(June 2011)


When Ella was born I really struggled to breastfeed and started to express and bottle feed instead. The support from the midwives and the local support group in Atherton encouraged me to try again and I've been great ever since. I still go to the group each week for advice, tips and a good chat. Without the support I received I would not have given breastfeeding another go.

(June 2011)


I suffered at the start with cracked and sore nipples, had mastitis 3 times and was on the verge of giving up, and then I went to the breastfeeding support group and got really good advise. Isla is now 4 months old and breastfeeding is great. It is so rewarding and I am so glad that I persevered - it will always get better & easier. My first experience trying to breastfeed when my daughter was born 11 years ago was very difficult and I was unsuccessful in continuing to feed after 4 weeks. This was due to the lack of support available at that time and I was left feeling guilt ridden for months. When I became pregnant for the second time last year I was determined to breastfeed again and looked around to see if there was support available ante-natally. Thankfully I came across the breastfeeding support group based in Beech Hill and got in touch to see if I could go to the group while pregnant - to my relief I could! I am really glad I came to the group before my baby was born as I was shown how to position my baby as well as how to get baby latched on. I also had the chance to see other women feeding their babies as you don't often see it in everyday life, which made me feel much better about feeding in public. I feel if it wasn't for the group and the help I received I wouldn't have felt so confident and positive when it came to breastfeeding my baby boy. He is now 13 days old and he is feeding extremely well! I would highly recommend attending the support groups ante-natally as well as post-natally as you will be given the best support needed to get you off to a good start with breastfeeding.


I am half Norwegian, over there virtually all babies are breastfed, and so for me bottle or breast was never a question. I went to a breastfeeding workshop while I was pregnant with my first son, which was really useful as it meant I knew more or less what to do when he was born. I had a few minor attachment problems right at the start but no serious problems and he was successfully breastfed for 13 months. When my second son was born two weeks ago there were absolutely no problems getting started. It frustrates me that there is a general impression in this country that breastfeeding is difficult or painful, because actually for most people it isn't, you just need the right information and help at the start so that you know what you are doing.


I exclusively breastfed my daughter Kahlan for 13 weeks. Most people who meet her comment on how happy, content and strong she is I credit this to the breastfeeding. We had some problems because Kahlan has reflux. I had a visit from my local breastfeeding counsellor Sharon and she was really great, she helped me understand some of the issues we were having were due to the reflux and gave me lots of great advice to help us along. I'm hoping to continue breastfeeding until she is weaned. I think websites like these are a great support for mums. I love breastfeeding Lucas, and he loves it too, he is such a content baby and we have really special times together during feeds.


My milk didn't come in and Mia ended up dehydrated, I tried expressing regularly but my midwife said I should bottle feed her which I really didn't want to do. I got in contact with the Breastfeeding team when she was 2 weeks old and they suggested domperidome to increase my milk supply. Now at 10 weeks she is fully breastfed and putting weight on steadily. At first I found breastfeeding very painful and tiring and I did consider giving it up, however advice from the breastfeeding support group at Standish Sure Start centre (Elinor & Tracy), the volunteers (Gemma came out to my house twice) and the other mums who attend the group helped me to carry on. I now love feeding Joel and intend to carry on doing so. I think this support is really valuable to new mums.


I found breastfeeding very hard at the beginning with my first baby, I wouldn't have been able to succeed without the help of my fantastic Mum!! I went on to successfully breastfeed all my children until they were at least 1, and intend to feed my new addition (10 weeks now!) for as long as possible. I love being a breastfeeding helper, helping others to succeed as my mum did with me in the very beginning :-)

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