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“Just keep baby close, keep trying to feed and ask your midwife.”

“Even if you have read all the leaflets, books and watched the DVDs, if your way is different but it works for you then trust your instincts and go with it.”

“Don’t listen to others, follow your own instincts and enjoy feeding your baby.”

“I would like to assure new mums that it is possible to breastfeed in a routine, and that bottle feeding makes no difference to sleepless nights.”


Catherine Zeta-Jones - "I'm going to do it as long as I can, there is something so intimate about it. For the one-hour or 45 minutes it's just wonderful. It's wonderful bonding and you know they're getting all those antibodies."

Jodie Foster - "I just can't stop losing weight with the breastfeeding. I ate as much as I possibly could, but kept losing. You'll see why when you meet Charlie."

Christina Aguilera - "I think they say that when you're breastfeeding, your weight kind of slims down. It's a little easier. It's like a workout within itself. It's very tiring actually and you find yourself snacking more often."

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen – “It’s essential for the newborn and creates a bond between mother and her child. It’s a unique moment when the body changes to nurture; it’s the Nature’s blessing! Breastfeeding, mainly the first days, poses some challenges, but the reward is sublime. In addition to having all the proteins, fats, and vitamins the baby needs, breastfeeding is an act of love and affection. It would be great if all the mothers could experience breastfeeding.”

Angela Griffin - "Realising you’re the only person in the world who can give your child exactly what they need is such a great feeling.”

Dannii Minogue - "I love it. I absolutely love it. It's the weirdest thing, because before I had the baby, when women talked about breastfeeding, I'd be a bit like, whatever, what's the big deal? Do it or don't, right? But then you have the baby and every cell in your body is crying out to feed this baby. It's an incredible thing. I don't want to stop.

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