Baby Hunger

New babies can seem very hungry and this is due to the size of their tummies. When babies are first born they tend to like feeding little and often as their tummies are so tiny and can only take a little at a time.

Lots of new mums worry that they won’t be able to produce enough milk to satisfy their baby but the vast majority of women have plenty of milk and will only encounter problems if feeds aren’t regular enough or the positioning isn’t right. The most important thing to remember is to breastfeed on a supply to demand basis and not get too focused on setting a schedule.

Breast milk has something called an ‘inhibitory factor’ and a build up of this factor causes the amount of milk you produce to slow down. If you’re not removing milk regularly, your milk supply will reduce and you may find that you don’t have enough milk to satisfy your baby. Feeding your baby as often as they seem hungry will make sure that you’re producing enough milk and that they’re happy and satisfied.

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